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Australia Travel Visa

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Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, all these exotic tourist destinations of the world map are hosted by Australia.

Surrounded by two colossal oceans, the island nation is well highlighted for exotic landscapes and diverse waterways. Sea, sun and surf are among the enticing tourist attractions of Australia that pull tourists from all over the globe. Along with the world’s largest reef system, Great Barrier Reef, one can have a lot of aquatic sport and adventure activities on long-stretched beaches like Byron Bay and Bondi in Sydney. Nature and wildlife are also the major attractions of the nation. Australia offers Australia Visitor Visa or Australia Tourist Visa for the candidates aspiring for short-span and non-work visiting prospective such as a holiday, social or recreational activities, meet family, friends or rest short-span non-work purposes. These are the following short term visa options for Australia immigration.

Australia Tourist Visa (Subclass 676)

Tourist Visa (Subclass 676) is the main visit visa preferred for short-term visit to Australia. Tourist visa for Australia is a temporary status entry and normally approved for up to 3 months, 6 months or 12 months of temporary stay as well as either multiple or single entries. Candidates willing to travel the nation for a holiday, social or recreational activities, meet family, friends or rest short-span non-work purposes as well as short study course for up to three months, can apply under this visa category. A tourist visa can only be applied by a candidate living outside Australia or can be applied by visa holders willing to extend their stay while in Australia. An application fee is incurred and is non-refundable in case your visa application is unsuccessful. The extension and multiple entries allowed depend upon personal conditions and the purpose of the visit.

Australia ETA (Visitor) (Subclass 976)

Australia ETA visitor visa is intended for candidates outside Australia and aspiring to migrate to Australia for holidays, short-term study, tourism or recreation. Candidates are allowed to stay in the nation for up to 3 months on every visit within the visa validity that is for 12 months from the issuing date, subjected to passport validity. There is no application fee for the visa. However a $20 of service charge applies. An ETA does not permit repeated stretched stays in the nation. If you wish to spend long time in the nation for tourism purpose then you must consider alternate visa options.

 (Australia E-Visitor Visa Class 679)

Australia e-Visitor visa is intended for candidates outside Australia and aspiring to visit the nation for tourism or business drives. Business drives cover joining a conference, exploratory business tour or business negotiation. Candidates expecting to come to the Aussies land for transit through Australia or medical treatment purpose must not apply for this category. If approved, the candidate can stay for up to 3 months of period on every visit. There is no application fee as well as no service charge. Repeated extended stay is not permitted under this visa.

Australia Sponsored Family Visitor visa (Subclass 679)

Sponsored Family Visitor visa permits travel to Australia for the reason of visit family or holiday. To be eligible to apply under this class, the candidate needs to have a qualified relative or a Government official in the nation open to sponsor. The sponsor offers an agreement that the visitor will leave the nation before their visa expiry date. Backing from the person who is sponsoring is taken into consideration by the visa officials. The candidate needs to be outside the nation to apply for this visa class. A non-refundable visa application fee is charged. Candidate allowed for single visit for up to 3 months or 6 months, in certain cases 12 months.

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